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Kandy FAQ

How easy is it to get around Kandy?

Kandy is a great city for exploring, as its quite easy to get around. There are plenty of public transportation options available, like buses and tuk tuks that can take you almost anywhere in the area. Taxis are also an option if you want a more private or convenient way to travel. Walking around town is also pleasant, since Kandy has many pedestrian-friendly streets and sidewalks with plenty of sights along the way.

Where to stay in Kandy?

Kandy is a great place to visit and there are lots of accommodation options available that will suit all types of travelers. Whether youre looking for a luxurious hotel, cozy B&B, or budget-friendly hostel, you can find what you need in Kandy. Some popular places to stay include Theva Residency, Villa Thotalagala, and the Kings Pavilion Hotel – each offering different amenities and services. Whichever option you choose, youre sure to have an enjoyable stay in Kandy!

Whats Eating and drinking in Kandy like?

Eating and drinking in Kandy is a delightful experience! The city offers an amazing variety of cuisine, from traditional Sri Lankan dishes to more international flavors. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, street food stalls and bars to explore. Youll find everything from exotic curries to fresh seafood; all served with an authentic taste of local culture. And dont forget the sweet treats – Kandys desserts are legendary! Whether youre looking for a light snack or full meal, theres something for everyone in this beautiful city.

What is there to do in Kandy?

Kandy is a vibrant city in Sri Lanka, full of wonderful sights, sounds and experiences. You can explore the quaint streets of the old town and take in its unique culture, or visit one of the many historical sites like Sri Dalada Maligawa temple and Kandy Lake. There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained – from visiting botanical gardens to trying traditional street food – making it a great destination for any traveler.

How to get to Kandy?

Kandy is a beautiful city in Sri Lanka. The best way to get there is by bus, train or car. If you choose to take the bus, there are frequent services from Colombo that will take you directly into Kandy in about three hours. You can also take the train from Colombos main railway station and it takes just under four hours. Driving is another option if you have your own vehicle, but be aware that driving times may vary depending on traffic conditions. Whichever mode of transport you decide on, make sure to plan ahead so that your journey goes as smoothly as possible!